Supper Club

Stuart Heights Inaugural Supper Club



It all started when…

Whitney and Lauren (SHNA Board Members) got a bright idea that combined meeting new neighbors and eating delicious food. In our little corner of Stuart Heights, we have enjoyed gatherings with our neighbors in lots of different settings, and we wanted to expand this to the entire Stuart Heights Community – meet new neighbors, eat good food, and become closer friends. So we hatched a plan….Supper Club.

What is Supper Club?

Our plan is simple. Get a large group of neighbors who want to join in the fun and split them into groups of 7-8 (couples will stay as a unit). On November 13, each participant will attend supper at a neighbor’s house (or maybe you will be the host…more on that later). We will all be making the same meal, but will eat it in small, intimate groups. You will be assigned a recipe as part of the meal and BYOB to your assigned host’s home. We have two requirements: you must be willing to be a host to 7-8 people at your home on November 13, and you must sign-up to join the neighborhood association. Please contact us if you have questions about these requirements or about Supper Club.

how do you become part of Supper Club?

  1. Decide you want to meet new people!

  2. Be willing to host 7-8 people for supper. We will be drawing our hosts at random on October 1. The number of hosts will depend on how many neighbors sign-up. It’s all the luck of the draw: host or attendee. If you really want to host, tell us.

  3. Be available on the evening of November 13.

  4. Join the SHNA for $15.

  5. Fill out the form below.


Name 1

First Name

Last Name

Name 2

First Name

Last Name






Address 1

Address 2



Zip/Postal Code


Are you an SHNA Member?

Sign up at; It’s $15 a year.
Working on it! I sent you a check or Paypal.
I don’t remember….HELP!

Are you vaccinated?

This field is completely optional. We have had several neighbors request to be placed with only vaccinated neighbors. This information will be private and not shared, and in no way will it change your ability to participate one way or the other.

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